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Women's Center of West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Receives Two Designations From Louisiana Department of Health


The Women’s Center at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital (WCCH) recently received Birth Ready Designation from the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (LaQPC) and was redesignated as a Gift facility by the Louisiana Department of Health and Louisiana Commission on Perinatal Care and the Prevention of Infant Mortality.

“We’re extremely proud of our recent Women’s Center designations that highlight our commitment to providing exceptional care for women and babies in our community,” says Janie Fruge, WCCH CEO. “We want to be the place you think of when you think quality prenatal and postnatal care, and everything in between.” 

The Birth Ready Designation is awarded to hospitals that implement quality improvement to enhance birth outcomes for mothers in Louisiana. To achieve the designation, facilities must meet rigorous criteria in five areas, including policy and procedure implementation, promoting patient partnership and addressing health disparities and equity. West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital was one of five recent hospitals to receive the designation.

“Our recent Birth Ready Designation means we’re not only aware of health disparities, but we’re doing something about them,” says Scott Bergstedt, MD, FACOG, OB-GYN and medical director of the Women’s Center of WCCH. “We strive to provide an environment that will make each patient that steps foot into our facility feel like they’re receiving the highest quality of care, no matter where they’re at in life.”

In addition to the Birth Ready Designation, the Women’s Center of WCCH has also received re-designation as a Gift facility, adding another level of quality to perinatal care at WCCH. The Gift Designation signifies that WCCH has successfully implemented policies that align with the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and continues to improve breastfeeding outcomes for new mothers. 

“WCCH also hosts monthly breastfeeding classes for expectant mothers in the area, which has allowed us to expand education and preparation for patients and their significant others outside of regular office visits,” says Christa O’Neal, RN, CLC, Maternal Child Educator at WCCH. “These classes have been invaluable in promoting better breastfeeding outcomes and more prepared patients overall.”

Both designations highlight the hospital’s dedication to providing quality, equitable and accessible care to all birthing persons in the region. 

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