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WCCH and City of Sulphur Urge Citizens to Conserve Water


Today, West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital and the City of Sulphur are issuing a joint statement to encourage the community to conserve water until water pressure returns to normal levels. The City of Sulphur water plants are currently operating at maximum capacity with the wastewater plant taking in double the normal volume of water. These numbers indicate a large amount of water going down drains. A lack of adequate water pressure means less water available for emergency situations and life saving measures. Due to this we are urging residents to turn faucets off when we are no longer under a hard freeze warning.

“At this time, our plants and crews are doing everything that can be done to increase the water pressure in the city, including finding and repairing every leak, both reported and found by canvasing the city,” said Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahay. Water systems across the southern region of the United States are experiencing an overwhelming strain from the effects of the recent winter storm. “Now we need the public to help us rebuild the pressure because this is an urgent need for our medical and fire protection services. You can help us by turning your faucets off and reporting leaks to the city so we can respond more quickly.”

“Water is a vital resource for hospitals to properly operate and provide continual patient care. While our facility has continued to have access to water, water pressure levels are extremely low,” says Janie Frugé chief executive officer for West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital. “Water pressure is crucially important for our facility to meet the healthcare needs of this community. We are asking for everyone’s help in doing their part to help our community overcome these water pressure issues,” states Frugé.

Sulphur Fire Chief Dan Selph says the water pressure issues could pose a problem in the event of a fire in the city. “We always have a plan in place, but this is a situation no fire department wants to think about. Having stable water pressure is vital for us to be able to move quickly in an emergency and at this point we need help from the residents to rebuild the water pressure.” Chief Selph urges residents to turn their faucets off while the temperature is above freezing to help build the water pressure in case of an emergency.

West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital and the City of Sulphur encourage members of our community to exercise compassion and follow these best practices to restore water pressure to our area as quickly as possible:

  • Boil all water for consumption until the boil advisory in place is lifted.
  • In the event of a busted pipe in your home please turn the water off at the cut-off valve.
  • To report a water leak please call 337-527-4583 during business hours and 337-527- 4582 after hours.